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Sillistring ©2001 inyouwendo


jumping waves.
i have been
doing it
most of my life.

always afraid
to get in and get wet.
always not wanting
to get out and take
the inevitable

pushed and
pulled around
by something
much stronger.

against my will,
but not really.

sometimes i bite off
way more
than i can ever chew

and sometimes
the wind is wild.

i can be tossed
and i
toss and turn
far too often

restless in sleep
and always

north point beach, elbow cay, abaco, bahamas
first week of october 1996

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just a little bit
of trouble
coming back
down to earth

about the
cooler weather
the air smells
different now

i want to sing
dance play
and sleep too much
or not at all
all of a sudden

its hard
to step off
into the perfect
life for just
eight days

and even harder
to get back
to just whatever

i bought an iron chair
an exotic cushion
and six handcrafted bowls
it helped a little
never enough

today i woke up
the pillows were scattered
all over the floor
i looked down
and noticed
my legs are peeling

© 1996 - October 23, 1996
West Palm Beach, Florida

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behind the buildings
mattresses stand on their sides
torn up
crawling with ants
and missing stuffing

sometimes they populate
with tables
a chair
missing a leg or two
a lamp that
no longer works
rain-drenched magazines

i pass them everyday
on my way to work

i want to gather them up
in the back of my truck
one day
all the mattresses
in miami

and lay them end to end
on second avenue
creating a fashionable
art deco motel
to be patronized solely
by those who live
on the sidewalk

© 1987 - Downtown Miami

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well we always
throw a party
when there's children
on our shoulders
and you know that
you are younger still
than i.

her little braids
bounce and when you
first put your head
between her legs
you never
really thought about
those tiny sneakers
that would dangle
in your face.

©1989 - Boca Publix

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Red leaves
Yellow leaves
Orange leaves
i leave
and today the sun is shining
today my head is
and sighs.
who slipped those
massive magnets
into the tires of
my truck
throw leaves
into my face
throw anything
you want at me
i can take it

©1989 - I-75 Leaving Atlanta

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rainbow tails
dance freely
in blue fields
above my head
and oh
how i wish
that it was
me up there instead

tiny pieces
of fossilized
i turn him in my hand
i turn you in my hand

there is no more
change in my
right chest pocket. i've
already cashed
my last traveler's

floating somewhere
as long as the wind
will carry me
i lay my head in the sand
i lay my head in my hands
there is sand in my hair
it is everywhere

©1989 - Atlantic Dunes

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