J I M M Y ' S   M A S T E R P I E C E S

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Jimmy's First Book

Fall 2008

Winter 2008

Photoshop Phun 2008
(collaborations w/Mommy)

Jimmy's 1st Figuratives
Winter 2006

Jimmy's heds

Jimmy's 1st Masterpieces
Spring 2005 Digitals

Jimmy was bored one day, so I loaded Kid Pix onto daddy's computer.
Now we have to bargain with him to keep him away from it...
Pictured (above): Jimmy's early Kid Pix creations. © Spring 2005.

The First Digital Paintings

The little man is entranced by the computer
already. Since he started reaching for the mouse
and keyboard when he was sitting in my lap the
other day, I let him have it. Now he just can't get
enough. He wants to make a new painting every
morning, but since he doesn't quite have that fine
motor control thing down yet, he sometimes
manages to trash files on my desktop. I think
the solution will be to dig out the old Quadra
from that box in the closet and set him up
a little workstation of his own!


If your refrigerator just can't be without one, e-mail your preference for WHITE or BLUE and include your mailing address so I don't have to look it up. If anyone else wants one, send me your mailing address with ten dollars to cover the cost of the print and the postage and my micro Matisse will be happy to oblige. And if, for some reason, someone wants a really big one, let me know and we'll see what we can do. Warning: no guarantee on how he'll do with the signature part yet!


© 2003 James Alexzander Michael Cyganek
Since my petite Picasso is so enamoured with the digital palette, I decided to go for broke last week and let him get nice and messy. We were doing great until I gave him the orange paint, which I believe he presumed was his favorite food, sweet potatoes, on an interesting new spoon. Needless to say, he didn't hesitate to serve himself. Good thing we had some nice child safe paint...

While the original will remain proudly displayed on my refrigerator, I can make prints for anyone who wants one. Small prints free to friends and family who request one. Large prints at cost, call or e-mail if you'd like one.

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